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In the 1880s, New York State produced 80 percent of the nation’s hops and most of them were grown in Madison County and the surrounding area. Prohibition (and a few other factors) put an end to that. That’s our proud history. And we’re now experiencing a new beginning at the forefront of the craft beverage movement. 

Craft beer, wine, cider and spirits – Madison County has them all. We’re home to Good Nature Farm Brewery, one of the state’s first farm breweries, plus the largest farm brewery on the east coast, Empire Farm Brewery. Looking for local breweries on a micro or nano scale? Then look no further than Erie Canal Brewing Co. and 
Foothill Hops Farm Brewery and Brew Shop.

Round out your craft beverage experience with a tasting of hard cider at Critz Farms Brewing and Cider Co., “Betty’s White” wine at Owera Vineyards or Applejack brandy at Old Home Distillers.

Are you hungry? Then fill up at any one of our top restaurants with beer on tap, including the farm-to-table brewery restaurants at Good Nature and Empire, both stops on the Central New York Food & Beverage Trail.

Find the craft beverage you prefer to satisfy your thirst among the list below or refine your search using the “Amenities” tab. Cheers!

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