DeRuyter & Georgetown Area

France’s King Charles X is believed to have once called Georgetown home.

Picture our southern hills—long narrow valleys with towering hills on each side that become vibrant with color every fall. It’s a setting fit for a king. And it’s quite likely that a king once lived here.

The Muller Hill State Forest in Georgetown is the historical site of the home of Louis A. Muller, a French nobleman who settled here in 1808 after escaping the wrath of Napoleon. Following Napoleon’s exile, Muller returned to France and is believed to have ascended to the throne as King Charles X. Today you can hike to the spot of his now-dissipated 27,000 acre estate.

Fishermen will want to cast on DeRuyter Lake. You’re likely to reel in largemouth bass, walleye, rainbow trout, black crappie, yellow perch, bluegill, pumpkin seed, white sucker, and brown bullhead. But before you go, be sure to pick up some live bait at Maken Frenz Plus Bait N Tackle.

The area is also home to a growing population of Amish settlers. As you travel throughout the area you’re likely to come across Amish roadside farm stands offering farm-fresh eggs. Of course, non-Amish farm stands are widespread, too. On any given day, you might find fresh maple syrup, sweet corn, squash, and various other fresh produce. So, pull over and treat yourself. We all know nothing tastes better than fresh corn in the summer or a sweet squash in the fall.

For some family fun, check out one of the biggest field days in New York—the annual DeRuyter Fireman’s Field Days. Held every August, this old-time fair features rides, a parade, fireworks, games, and entertainment.