Oneida Area

Each September, be sure to attend Hop Fest. Celebrating the history and resurgence of hops cultivating in Madison County.

Well-known for the Oneida Silverware company, which produced place settings for more than 100 years, the city of Oneida is becoming known today for two fantastic cultural attractions. 

The Oneida Community Mansion House was the home of the 19th century utopian Oneida Community. Today, the 93,000 square foot National Historic Landmark features a museum with tours of permanent and changing exhibitions, overnight lodging, and banquet and meeting space for weddings, conferences, or retreats. 

You can experience more of the area’s rich history at the Madison County Historical Society. Located at Cottage Lawn, a Gothic Revival house designed by prolific 19th century architect Alexander Jackson Davis, the society welcomes visitors to tour the home to view what life was like in the Victorian period. 

The Historical Society also hosts the annual Hop Fest, which celebrates the rich history of hops farming in Madison County. Enjoy food and beer tastings and a bus tour of historical hops sites in the area. It’s truly a celebration of all things hops! 

For those with a taste for craft beer, you will want to go to Foothill Farms in Munnsville. One of a growing number of hop farms in the county, and our first commercial hop yard since the 1950s. If you can’t make it to the farm, you’ll find their hops in many of the beers offered by Good Nature Brewing in Hamilton.