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Callahan Brook Nature Trail

  • 80 Eaton St., Morrisville, NY 13408
The Callahan Brook Nature Trail is at the south end of campus with a trailhead adjacent to the Aquaculture Center parking lot off Eaton Street. Enjoy the one-and-a-half miles of marked, self-guided trails and explore the streamside, wet meadows, forests and fields. You'll find an informative welcoming entrance kiosk stationed at the entrance of the Main Trail, which then follows Callahan Brook. The Main Trail, which offers frequent views of the water, has three bridges. The middle bridge allows for a shorter third-of-a-mile loop, while the far bridge creates an almost one-mile loop. At the south end, the Main Trail meets up with the Woodland Trail, where you can hike among the maple, beech and cherry trees. Spur trails lead to stream access points, Commons, the Overlook and the Orchard. Callahan Brook Natural Trail is Carry In, Carry Out. Please be a responsible hiker and Leave No Trace. Trails are managed by the Environmental Sciences Department