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Madison County Cornell Cooperative Extension


Madison County AED works directly with Madison county farmers and businesses to provide the county's residents and visitors with quality local food products, restaurants, beer, cider, wine, recreational opportunities and a host of other fun activities. Contact us for more information on how to explore Madison County farms and local businesses!

Madison County AED annually hosts Open Farm Day, an event held each July that allows visitors to experience local agriculture up-close. Each Open Farm Day farm across the county opens their gates to the public for farm tours, demonstrations, food tastings, and animal interaction for a day of farm fun that is sure to have something for everyone. Open Farm Day is completely free to participate in, making it a great opportunity to see what your local farms offer! When you visit three farms with your Open Farm Day passport, found at our website or your local Price Chopper, you will receive a free giveaway prize! Don't miss your best chance all year to experience the best of Madison County agriculture! Click here for this year's date!