Madison County Tourism's 2020 Annual Meeting Host Application

If your venue would like to host Madison County Tourism's Annual Meeting on April 2nd, please review Program Terms & Conditions and fill out the form below! 

Program Terms & Conditions

Eligibility and Process

  1. Venue must be an MCT Partner in good standing. To this end, Venues must have submitted a complete Partner Profile Form and have no outstanding bills owed to MCT.

  2. Venue must be able to provide food service for, and seat a minimum of, 90 attendees.

  3. Venue must be able to provide Audio/Visual equipment and screen.

  4. Venue must be able to provide a podium.

  5. Venues must complete and submit the form below. 

  6. If selected, MCT will notify Venue.


  • Seating must be in same room.


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