Madison County Visitors Guide Ads 2020 Contract & Rates

Program Terms & Conditions

Eligibility and Process

  1. Participants must be an MCT Partner in good standing. To this end, Participants must have submitted a complete Partner Profile Form and have no outstanding bills owed to MCT.

  2. Ads must promote tourism related attractions, events or properties in Madison County.

  3. Partners must complete and submit the contract form below. MCT will review the form submission to ensure it aligns with its own marketing objectives

  4. If selected, MCT will notify Partner.


  • MCT reserves the right to refuse any Ad at its discretion.

  • All ads are full color.

  • Ads may appear in any section of the Visitors Guide and will not necessarily be organized by subject matter or theme.

  • MCT holds final creative direction on Ad copy and creative to ensure Ad follows its brand guidelines.


General Information

Madison County Tourism, Inc.

90 Albany St. 
Suite 2E 
Cazenovia, NY 13035


Ad Specs and Costs

Back Cover - Trim Size - 8"w x 10.75"h ($1,600)                                                                                                                         

                      Safe Zone - 7.25"w x 10"h (keep all improtant text/imagery within this area)

                      Bleed Size - 8.25"w x 11"h (please include crop marks)        

Inside Front Cover - Same specs as Back Cover ($1,250)

Inside Back Cover - Same specs as Back Cover ($1,250)

1/4 Page Vertical "Spotlight" - MCT to build, see "Ad Delivery" section below ($450)

1/8 Page Horizontal "Spotlight" - MCT to build, see "Ad Delivery" Section below ($250)

Ad Delivery

Cover Ads: 

    Advertiser will supply art in PDF format or use 2019 ad if making no changes


For 1/4 & 1/8 Page Ads

    Advertiser will supply the following art (or use 2019 ad if making no changes)

  • Horizontal Color Photo in jpg format at 300dpi and at least 2mb in size
  • Headline (Name of Advertiser): 35 characters (including spaces) max.
  • Descriptive text: 435 characters (including spaces) max, for 1/4 page

                    90 Characters (including spaces) max. for 1/8 page

  • Website
  • Phone Number 

Advertiser select Ad Size

Select one Ad option below per contract:

Advertiser Ad Delivery

Select one Delivery option below per contract:

Advertising Deadlines

Ads Due to MCT by Dec. 2, 2019

Advertising Payment Requirements

MCT will invoice advertisers in 2020 after receipt of the visitors guide. 


Advertiser Endorsement

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