Submit Your Event For a Paid Boost

Madison County Tourism (MCT) will utilize its Facebook account to provide paid boosts of eligible partners' tourism-related Facebook Events in order to increase their market reach and event visitation.

Program Terms & Conditions

Eligibility and Process

  1. Participants must be an MCT Partner in good standing. To this end, Participants must have submitted a complete Partner Profile Form and have no outstanding bills owed to MCT.
  2. Partners must create a Facebook Event and make MCT a co-host.
  3. Partners must add their event to MCT's events calendar
  4. Partners must complete and submit the request form below.
    a. MCT will review the form submission to ensure it aligns with its own marketing objectives
  5. If selected, MCT will notify Partner.


  • Eligible Partners will be accepted into the program on a first-come, first-serve basis.
  • MCT will Boost Eligible Partners Facebook Event Post.
  • Facebook Boosted Event Posts will be delivered from MCT’s Facebook account.
  • Desired Boost dates are subject to availability and are secured on a first-come, first-serve basis.
  • Facebook Boosted Posts will be targeted to areas outside of Madison County (Syracuse, Utica, etc.)
  • Facebook Boosted Posts will be “clickable,” with traffic directed to Partner Facebook Event.
  • MCT reserves the right to refuse any topic at its discretion.
  • MCT holds final creative direction on Boost copy and creative to ensure Boost follows its brand guidelines while also adhering to social media best practices.
  • MCT will share performance metrics for Facebook Boosts, MCT is not responsible for the accuracy of this information or any conclusions drawn from it.
  • All advertising Boosts will be concluded by December 6th.
** Please request a supply of this year’s Madison County Visitors Guide to give to those attending your event.

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