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Program Terms & Conditions

Eligibility and Process

  • Participants must be an MCT Partner in good standing. To this end, Participants must have submitted a complete Partner Profile Form and have no outstanding bills owed to MCT.
  • Partners must complete and submit the request form below.
    • MCT will review the form submission to ensure it aligns with its own marketing objectives
  • If selected, MCT will notify Partner.


Sponsorship Program Policy

It is the policy of MCT to consider sponsorship of tourism-related events that are coordinated by MCT partners if and when they meet at least two of the following criterion:

  • First-time events that have no startup funding
  • Events that entitle MCT to exhibition space for free/no additional charge
  • Public benefit/awareness events
  • Events taking place around a time when the entity organizing the event has a change of leadership, causing communication and clerical delays
  • Emergency situations when a major event needs last-minute funding to prevent cancellation
  • Events with stated missions that clearly align with the Strategic Plan of MCT

General Information

Madison County Tourism, Inc.

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Route 20 Brooks Hall, 
Room 211 
Morrisville, NY 13408

Toll-Free (800) 684-7320 

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