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Oneida Lake

Boat launch access on the South Shore - off Route 31, one mile east of the hamlet of Bridgeport. Concrete ramp. 100 cars and trailers. Oneida Lake, located ten miles north of Syracuse in Oneida and Oswego Counties, is the largest lake lying wholly within New York State. Oneida Lake is a relatively shallow natural lake with an average depth of 22 feet and is named for the Iroquois Nation Oneida Tribe. The Oneidas called the lake "Tsioqui" or "white water", a reference to the wave action on the lake on windy days. Physical Features: Elevation: 370 feet Area: 50,894 acres Shoreline Length: 77.2 miles Length: 21 miles Maximum Width: 5.5 miles Maximum Depth: 55 feet Mean Depth: 22.3 feet Towns: Cicero, Constantia, Lenox, Sullivan, West Monroe, Vienna