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Leland Pond

  • 3357 Northside Circle, Eaton, NY 13334
Upper and Lower Leland Ponds are 46 and 55 acre eutrophic lakes located in the Town of Eaton, Madison County. Both ponds are glacial kettle holes but their size and depth was increased by the construction of a 15-foot high dam at the outlet of Lower Leland during the 1830's for the purpose of supplying water to the Chenango and Erie Canals. Boat launch access for Upper Leland Pond - On Route 26, approximately one mile southwest of the hamlet of Bouckville. Concrete launch ramp. Parking for 10 cars and trailers. Universally accessible fishing pier. and Lower Leland Pond - Undeveloped hand launch, across from Upper Lelands parking area. Physical Features: Upper Lelands Elevation: 1200 feet Area: 46 acres Shoreline Length: 1.2 miles Length: 0.45 miles Maximum Depth: 50 feet Town: Eaton Lower Lelands Elevation: 1200 feet Area: 55 acres Shoreline Length: 2.2 miles Length: 0.5 miles Maximum Depth: 40 feet Town: Eaton