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Kriemhild Dairy Farms

Kriemhild Dairy Farms (pronounced CREAM-hild), is a small, farmer-owned, agribusiness specializing in high quality full-fat, and cultured dairy foods with milk sourced from grass-based herds in Central New York. Our premier product is made by slowly churning fresh sweet cream into an 85% butterfat, resulting in our creamy, flavorful butter. The Kriemhild Kupboard is still open daily from dawn to dusk. We are well stocked with items like yogurt, cheese, meat, butter, gelato, other snacks, and pantry items to get you through this time of social distancing. ⁣ ⁣ Online ordering is also up-to-date so that your orders can be easily placed. We are now offering e-gift cards as well! Please remember to support local farmers, makers and businesses during this time as the financial strain is going to be incredibly difficult for most. ⁣ E-gift cards: