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Lorenzo Hosts Preservation Month Speaker Lavada Nahon


Join us at Lorenzo as speaker Lavada Nahon presents “African American Foodways in Colonial and New Nation New York”. Colonists and immigrants maintain their connections to homelands and ethnic groups through the foods they eat, the ways they cook, and the recipes they pass on. But what if your link to this gateway was cut off? Join culinary historian, Lavada Nahon for a look into the historic kitchens of New York. Join in the conversation as she shares what she has learned of the culinary traditions of those enslaved in the colony. From the jambless hearths and gardens of the early Dutch settlers to the kitchen and fields at Lorenzo, what is there and what does it tell us about the foodways of the enslaved and their descendants. Lavada Nahon is the Interpreter of African American History for the New York State Office of Parks, Recreation, and Historic Preservation.