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Caz Pride Fest 2024

It's almost time! We will all meet behind the Cazenovia Library and the parade will step off at 11:30 sharp! Come alone, bring friends, bring a float (if you do that, please notify us ahead of time so we are prepared!) and march down Albany Street all the way to Lorenzo with us to show our Pride Support!
The festival will begin as soon as we get to Lorenzo! Dozens of vendors, lots of food trucks (think Lobster, Korean, Greek, Grilled PB & J's, desserts and more!!!), DJ Spirit Posse coming in from Ithaca, all hosted by our one and only Beauty Starlet, ANITA BUFFEM!
Come walk with us, talk with us, play with us, love with us! The Amy Bradstreet Award will be given out, and we will spend the day creating an atmosphere of love, inclusion, diversity and acceptance! Can't wait to see you all there!